Our Fragrances

Spring & Summer:

Caribbean Fruit - Island fun; sweet fruit & nectars will excite your senses.

Hawaiian Lei- The headiest of Hawaiian flowers; Frangipani, White Ginger, and Plumeria.

Island Orchid- Orchids, plumeria and frangipani with hints of ripe mandarin.

Amalfi Coast- Freesia, Lavender and lime. An inspired scent from the coast of Italy.

Beach Bonfire- Sea Salt Breeze, Grapefruit, Lime Blossom, Toasted Marshmallow, Clove Bud, French Vanilla, Creamy Sandalwood, Cedar

Cottonseed & Freesia- Grapefruit with violet and freesia, sandalwood and musk.
Cranberry Pear- Sparkling cranberry, sweet pear nectar and luscious black currant.

Desert Cactus- Geranium, Rose Petal, Water Lily, Lemongrass, Oakmoss & Clove Bud
Hawaiian Ginger- Exotic and energetic; ginger, juicy melon and orange blossom.

Hawaiian Sandalwood- Pineapple, mango and guava with soft sandalwood

Hawaiian Tropics- Coconut nectar with an ever so slight hint of banana.

Island Orchid- Orchids, plumeria and frangipani with hints of ripe mandarin.

Lemon Verbena- Lemon and grassy herbals, kissed with a bright floral.

Mediterranean Fig- Sweet, sun-ripened fig with apricot.

Oahu Coconut Sunset- Coconut Blossom, Bergamot, Tuberose, Molten Amber, Cream Suede

Summer Nights- Roses, magnolia and ivy with mild cinnamon.

Sun & Sand- Sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powdery musk.

Sun Ripened Raspberry - Juicy, tart red raspberries, milk and light florals.

Tahitian Vanilla - Vanilla with fresh fruit, sandalwood and musk.

Tangerine Mango - Delicate mango and deep scents of zesty tangerine.

Tropical - Fruit punch & white florals.

Volcano - Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemon and lime, exotic mountain greens.

Waikiki Melon - Juicy Melon with a touch of sweet orange

Food & Beverage:

Almond - Sweet scent; cherry like top note with a smooth finish.

Apple - Delicious red apple. Juicy & sweet, picked right from the tree.

Apple Pie - Juicy apples, sugar & cinnamon with a touch of that warm, buttery crust.

Banana - The creamy, smooth scent of this sweet tropical fruit.

Blackberry - Plump, juicy berries fresh off the berry bush.

Blueberry - True blueberry; sweet, with just a touch of tartness.

Blueberry Cobbler - Baked vanilla, yeast bread and fresh blueberries.

Cantaloupe - A wonderful, fresh melon scent.

Citrus - Orange, lemon, and lime. Bright, bold and crisp.

Coconut - Tropical sweetness. Island breeze and refreshing, sweet coconut milk!

Cucumber - Cool, crisp & slightly sweet with a zingy touch.

Fig - Spicy-sweet desert fruit. Refreshing with just the right balance.

Honeydew - Pale green melon with a fresh, breezy sweetness.

Baked Bread - Fresh bread right out of the oven. Good enough to eat!

Biscotti - Warm vanilla with melted butter, baked biscotti, chopped almonds and a dark rum sauce.

Brown Sugar - Rich, maple sugar. Heavier and spicier than white sugar.

Bubble Gum - Sweet and sugary. You’ll want to blow bubbles!

Buttercream - Buttercream candies – smooth, creamy, and luscious.

Butterscotch - Smooth, buttery and rich…smells just like a toffee candy.

Cabernet - Sweet wild grapes with hints of strawberries and sugary notes.

Carrot Cake - A buttery, spicy blend with carrot, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut and vanilla.

Champagne - A slightly sweet, effervescent fragrance. Just the the real thing!

Cherry - A sweeter, light version of cherry; reminiscent of candy.

Chocolate - Rich, creamy and sweet with plenty of cocoa.

Cinnamon Bun - Cinnamon and sugar, fresh baked dough and a sweet glaze.

Cinnamon Donut - Sweet, yeasty donut with hints of cinnamon and sugar.

Cinnamon Latte - Coffee with espresso, hot steamed milk, cinnamon and sugar.

Columbian Coffee - Dark roasted coffee-bean, like the finest gourmet coffee.

Cotton Candy - Light, sugar-syrup scent that will take you back to child-hood carnivals.

Cranberry Apple Marmalade - Tangy cranberry and juicy red apple with sugared cinnamon spice.

Fudge Brownie - A dark, fudgey chocolate scent. Very rich.

Galactic Grape - Sharp grapes with a bubbly fizz.

Green Tea - Oriental tea with an herbal scent and a bit of zest to it.

Hazelnut - Sweet, nutty aroma, milder than almond.

Honey - Fresh from the honeycomb – smells just like the golden syrup.

Kiwi - Green, fresh fruit – mild and smooth.

Lemon Pound Cake - A buttery yellow sponge cake with lemon and coconut. Topped off with buttercream frosting.

Lemonade - Tart lemons and sugar – this refreshing scent will quench your thirst.

Lime - Refreshing and zesty key lime citrus.

Mandarin - A stronger orange citrus, with an oriental touch.

Mango - Smooth tropical fruit; peachy and sweet with a hint of citrus.

Maple Syrup - Maple syrup; nutty, rich sweetness and a touch of brown sugar.

Milk & Honey - Creamy, fresh milk with sweet honey straight from the comb.

Mulberry - Mild and earthy berries.

Papaya - Juicy and sweet, resembling ripe cantaloupe, with a hint of musk.

Passion Fruit - Guava-like scent with a light floral top note.

Peach - Juicy, warm ripe peaches, fresh off the tree.

Pear - A light, crisp fruit scent; juicy and refreshing.

Pineapple - The sweet, robust aroma of fresh cut pineapple.

Pink Grapefruit - Tangy grapefruit with a touch of sweetness.

Pomegranate - Sweet exotic fruit; fresh and enticing with light floral.

Raspberry - Rich, decadent tartness of raspberries.

Snickerdoodle - Warm, chewy sugar and spice cookie, with a touch of cinnamon.

Strawberry - A juicy sweet, refreshing summertime favorite.

Sugar Cookie - Sugary, warm vanilla cookies, fresh from the oven; with a hint of spice.

Vanilla Cupcake - Lemon, coconut, malted sugar. Cake batter, rich chocolate, vanilla icing, cocoa.

Watermelon - Sweet and refreshing; fresh cut watermelon.


Amazing Grace - Sparklingly fresh floral & delicate white musk blend.

Angel Women - Creamy vanilla, refreshing peach, berry and sandalwood.

Women Code - The secret code of women!

Dark Kiss - Musk, balsam and vetiver with blackberry, plum and peony.

Poison Girl - Damask Rose, Vanilla, Rose, Tonka Beans, Bitter Orange

Light Blue - Sun-drenched summer days and dazzling nights with fresh, floral-fruity notes.

Love & Luck - Bergamot, black currant, nectarine, jasmine, plum & sensual musk.

Heaven - Soft florals with the more masculine musk notes.

Hibiscus & Plum - Hibiscus and strong plum.

Juicy Couture - Watermelon, mandarin, and passionfruit with marigold, hyacinth, tuberose & musk.

Love Spell - Fruity and succulent, with pineapple and grapefruit.

Love Struck - Pink guava and mandarin, delicate tuberose and lotus blossom.

Moonlight Path - Infused with lavender, violets and light musk.

Peony & Blush Suede - Blooming peonies with soft, blush suede.


Angel Men - Colombian coffee, mint and a touch ''success."

Code Men - Fresh citrus, wild peppermint & spearmint.

Bay Rum - Invigorating and masculine, with added spice.

Cedar & Saffron - Italian mandarin, bergamot, saffron, sage, apple blossoms, Cedar leaves, cardamom, Tonka bean & oak moss.

Cuban Tobacco - Bergamot, tea leaf, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, tobacco flower, white cedar & amber.

Dark Temptations - A rich chocolate cocoa with hints of cool citrus.

English Oak & Hazelnut - Green Hazelnut, Cedarwood and Roasted Oak

Exotic Oud - Bergamot, Green Leaves, Lemon, Lavender, White Lilies, Tonka Amber, Exotic Oud & Vanilla.

Guilty Men - Blend of lavender, coriander, orange flower and patchouli.

Boss Night - Lavender, birch tree, African violet & louro amarelo tree

Leather - Fine leather – a subtle blend of earthiness and elegance.

Only the Brave - Apple, Sage, Bourbon Pepper, Amber & Patchouli

Smoke - Apple Tree, Cozy Fire, Leather, Patchouli, Cedar, Birch, Sandalwood & Creamy Musk

White Suede - Saffron, Thyme, Suede & Musk

Clean & Aquatic:

Baby Powder - Delicate florals; airy & romantic with a powdery finish.

Bamboo - Clean, soft, green and fresh.

Clean - Crisp and freshly washed linen.

Cottage Breeze - Cool salt air blowing across the dunes with crisp rain & florals.

Downy April Fresh - Downy's original scent of springtime air & a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Downy Cashmere & Silk - Sandalwood, patchouli, rose, violet, apricot and creamy coconut milk.

Lavender Vanilla - Lavender with rich buttery vanilla.

Downy Jasmine Waterlilly - Jasmine, Waterlilly, tangerine and orange.

Dreams - Clean, cool rain and white florals.

Fresh Cotton - Clean, sunny smell of sheets fresh off the clothesline.

Hotel - Eucalyptus and cardamom, oak wood, cedar wood & tree moss.

Midnight Rain - Fresh air on a rainy evening, with a touch of night musk.

Ocean - The clean scent of rain on the seashore.

Rain - Refreshing, soothing. Rain-drenched air, clean and soft.

Sea Breeze - Fresh, ocean air with a whiff of salty air and florals.

Sea Salt Breeze - A coo, salty breeze with citrus, juniper & clean musk.


Amber - Woodsy, warm and mysterious, with a hint of the orient.

Arabian Sandalwood - Woodsy sandalwood with delicate florals.

Black Oud - Bergamot, Orange, Mint Leaves, Geranium, Clove, Jasmine, Amber & Sandalwood.

Cedar - Sweet wood and a touch of spice; antique cedar chest.

Comfort - Coconut, lemon, bergamot, lilies, jasmine, amber, Tonka bean, cedarwood, sensual musk.

Dirt - Freshly turned earth; The slightly damp, clean smell that means spring.

Dragon's Blood - Earthy and masculine,with a hint of spice, dark woods and mystery.

Egyptian Musk - Delicate musk with woodsy undertones, a touch of citrus, and a hint of mystery.

Indonesian Teak - Rich teakwood with citrus, patchouli, amber and sandalwood.

Juniper Berry - Dark green floral, light spice and just a pinch of woodsiness.

Mahogany & Teakwood - Mahogany, cedar wood and oak, fresh lavender and geranium.

Oak Moss - Musky with green notes and a touch of woodiness.

Pinon - A forest glen, filled with pine and the warm woodsiness of cedar.

River Rock - Bergamot, Lemon peel, Orange zest, Thyme, lily of the valley, Orange blossom, Lavender, White pepper, Driftwood & Leather

Sweet Grass - A blend of grassy scents; fresh and clean.

Vanilla Patchouli - Vanilla blended with Patchouli.

Vanilla Wood - Sweet Vanilla with oak and sandalwood.

Woodstock - Patchouli, sandalwood and musk with a touch of bergamot.


Cactus Flower - Desert-blooming wildflower. Light and natural.

Carnation - Slightly spicy, light floral.

Forget-Me-Not - Lady-like fragrance of the dainty blue flower.

Gardenia - Very strong white floral – so distinctive and lush!

Honeysuckle - Fresh spring floral; succulent and sweet.

Japanese Cherry Blossom -

Coriander - Pineapple, citrus, lemon, coriander, orange blossom, rose and ylang-ylang.

Lilac - A soft breeze stirring the entire lilac bush.

Lily of the Valley - White-green floral of spring. Soft and sheer as fine linen.

Lotus - A white floral with musky overtones.

Orange Blossom - Orange with a bold, clean white floral.

Orchid - A heady, intoxicating fragrance like no other; very exotic.

Peach Blossom - Warm, sunny and light; a white flower with a hint of fruit.

Plumeria - A clean floral with a whisper of summer breezes.

Polynesian Hibiscus - Floral that’s surprisingly light.

Sweet Pea - Delicate scent of sweet peas along the garden fence.

Violet -

Water Lily -

Acai Flower - Citrus, blueberries, acai berry, soft woods and strawberry.

Wisteria - An intoxicatingly sweet fragrance that will fill the room.


Spa & Boutique:

Coconut Lemongrass - Coconut with a zesty emongrass and pineapple.

Apricot Chamomile - Sweet apricot, chamomile and yummy ripe fruits.

Apricot Herb Garden - Sweet apricot jam with a blend of rosemary and thyme.

Basil, Sage & Mint - Fresh basil, peppermint and clary sage.

Black Tea - A spicy, sweet, slightly lemony aroma.

Blackberry Sage - Juicy blackberries and aromatic sage tea with a touch of fruitiness.

Chai Tea - Green tea, lemon, peppermint leaves and white amber.

Citrus & Cilantro -

Fig & Melon - Rich, ripe fig with warm autumn melon notes.

Ginger Verbena - Fresh ginger, lemon and ripe grapefruit.

Hibiscus & Plum - Hibiscus with strong plum.

Honeydew Fresh Mint - Spearmint, melon, tangerine zest and creamy vanilla.