Our Belief

You have a purpose in this world, and it isn’t just to blend in.

You want your life to reflect your values, so you aren’t satisfied with mass-produced, low quality products from overseas. You want to support a mission, a personal brand, and change in this world.

Introducing Imaginist Scents, small batch, naturally sourced candles individually built just for you. No two people are exactly alike, why should their candle scents be?

A strike of a match, a bright burst of flame, and you are enveloped by exactly what makes you so special and unique.. Let yourself be swept away by the best candle scent available–the one you personally design.

Each candle scent is carefully curated to be as unique and bold as you. One-of-a-kind is not just a sentiment, it is how each and every candle is crafted, by hand, to provide a scent that speaks directly to you and celebrates your passions, hopes, and dreams in a singular way.

Every candle is individually hand poured to order and hand labelled to ensure the highest quality, every time. These boutique style, high-end candles provide luxury experiences that are second to none from a family owned company that wants you to be part of their family mission.

Imaginist Scents, creating candles that spark light in the world and help you shine!