Create A Custom Scent


Are you ready to embark on a one of a kind journey? This empowering voyage is a celebration of you–your gifts, your talents, your dreams, your beauty. While mass-produced is the way of the 21st century, it’s time we get back to our roots and celebrate what makes each of us unique and amazing. Imaginist candles are like no other candle available. That’s because they are completely designed by you!

Have you ever thought, I wish I could add a hint of citrus to my lavender candle? Or lit a collection of three different scented candles, just to fill your home with the perfect scent? Imaginist wants to empower you to live a unique and wonderful life, celebrated in candles.

With a groundbreaking process, Imaginist allows you to design the exact scent of your candle. Using only top quality, natural scents, the candles will safely add signature flair to your environment. Choose up to three signature scents out of an ever growing collection of over 100 possible scent notes in ten distinct categories.

Every candle begins and ends with you! Imaginist candles are hand poured, one at a time, according to your desires. These soy wax blend, all natural candles are safe to use and non-polluting. Our all cotton wicks burn clean! We never add anything to our candles, except the perfect scents that you choose. Wax–wick–scents, that’s it!

Every candle is phthalate free, making them a clear choice above the toxic, mass produced candles available on the grocery store shelf. Wicks are lead free, always. There is no added color, and you can rest assured that all components are vegan. Indulge in a natural and healthy candle that will fill the air with beckoning scents and nothing more!

What scents will you choose? Cobble together your favorites, or recreate a favorite memory. The choice is completely yours. No two candles are ever alike. We hand create each candle so that it reaches the highest standards, yours! Welcome to Imaginist Candles, the company that makes you the most important part of production, instead of an afterthought. You deserve the best, now is your time to take that first step. Where will your candle building journey take you?

Chase your dreams and change the world, one candle at a time.