Our Story

Do you have a favorite place that you just long to spend time enjoying?
 Husband and wife team, David and Jessica, love to travel. Since the beginning of their marriage, they have enjoyed travelling the world together. Reno, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Italy, Germany, Guatemala, and Belize are just some of the destinations they have visited. The Lehmans would travel continually if they could.  
As their family grew, the desire to see the world did too, however, so did a longing to have the whole family together as much as possible. With a huge desire to work together from home, David and Jessica set out to discover their perfect business idea. They longed to be able to teach their children to follow their dreams through a family business that also supported their lifestyle.
Late one night, an idea came to them that grew into Imaginist Scents. An idea so huge and amazing, they could not help but fall in love with the opportunity. What if the world could come to your home, one candle at a time?
David and Jessica had stumbled onto a one of a kind idea, a candle that was scented with all the hallmark smells of a particular place, a candle that could transport you across thousands of miles without you having to leave the comfort of your home!
Together the Lehman family has built something for their customers that provides a sense of adventure and inspiration, while creating a feeling of luxury and togetherness–the answer to their deepest family desire. Each candle is handcrafted with love and truly unique.
Now, the Lehmans are on the greatest adventure of their lives, operating a quality, family-based business with dreams of their success spreading from seas to shining sea. More than just a product to sell, David and Jessica are living their wish to create freedom for their family to travel, and just be together, while also giving hope and encouragement to others that desire to do the same.